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Tex Biosciences (P) Limited is a well established name in enzymes and leather chemicals manufacturing. With emphasis on quality and state of the art production facilities, Tex Biosciences is a leader in the Bio-technology and leather markets.
Tex Biosciences (P) Limited evolved from its modest beginning as a basic leather chemical manufacturer in 1979 to currently serving the industrial needs of Leather, Poultry, Piggery, Aquaculture, Pulp & Paper, Detergent and Pharmaceutical markets. The Core Strength of Tex Biosciences is the high strain productivity (all Non-GMO) and its superior formulation & application technology. The organization takes pride in being OEM grass root enzyme manufacturer and not merely a formulator or trader of enzymes.

Tie-ups with leading scientific & commercial organizations enable Tex Biosciences to demonstrate the efficacy & techno economic benefits of its enzymes and leather chemical products at commercial levels.

Tex Biosciences
has been at the forefront of technological and product innovation with many firsts to its credit including a patent (WO 2005 115090 08-12-2005) to replace antibiotics in veterinary feeds. Tex Biosciences is a research oriented organization and is actively seeking to partner new enzyme and leather chemical applications in the industry.
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